Friday, October 8, 2010

Sepeda Pawai! Roda Roda 30/9/2010!Low rider bike tricks as we begin to congregate at the Alun Alun Utara.

Anak bike and cardboard soundsystem bike ridden by Mas Malik and Mas Jason. The little head popping up above the cardboard bike is that of Helen Addison-Smith riding the Chooper bike.

Bayu and the Ayam Sepeda!
Malik at the controls of the kids bike.

Mas Boy: Jogja project coordinator extraordinaire.

The first minutes of the parade!
Lucreccia Quintanilla's "Pepes Sepeda" made out of banana leaves and bamboo instruments. On vintage bike donated by the bike emporium :Jogja Baik

Dylan Martorrell's musical Ayam bike! A moving sound producing and amplifying machines.

Mas Butchers hairy coconut bike!

Lichen Kemp and Heri Dono's collaboration: The Anak Bebek bike (baby duck bike)

Trike design by Lichen.

Rod Choopers working on his bike.

Images from the actual day of the parade. Preparations and stills taken at Roommate gallery studios where RodaRoda worked from for about 3 weeks . The photos were taken by our very talented photographer friend Tika.